We are proud to own & stick by our tagline #dogs are family

At Dogs and Divas Doggy Daycare, we pride ourselves on being industry leaders in providing 5-star daycare for dogs whose owners are engaged in long work hours or other commitments.

We are dedicated to giving the pets in our care a fun filled day of emotional and mental stimulation and provide owners with the peace of mind that their pet is receiving the utmost in personal care and attention while they are participating in activities at our facility. Our facility is equipped with both indoor and outdoor spaces, designed to offer maximum comfort and space for your pet.


Our strong commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in the professionalism and expertise of our 20 staff, as well as our interactions with the pets in our care. We are proud to be a trusted name in the pet care industry, having won various awards and being the only vet-recommended pet care business in our area.

we are a business with one major goal, and that is to provide the utmost in quality pet care and pampering. It is our job to ensure that every dog entering our facility and participating in services that we provide is not only happy, but in a safe, secure and structured environment. We provide the social interaction & exercise that a dog needs.

Our dedication to superior service and quality pet care combined with our drive to bring Doggy Daycare into the mainstream of society has been our goal since 2012.

We understand that many dog parents feel guilty or anxious about having to work long hours or that they may have other commitments or responsibilities that cause their beloved family members to be left home alone for long periods of time. But once they start bringing their pups to dogs and divas, they are happy and delighted knowing that they can give their pup the best day out with their fur friends and knowing they’ll be coming home tired and happy.

Our dedication to superior service and quality pet care, combined with our drive to bring Doggy Daycare into the mainstream of society, leads us to have three main business objectives:

Doggy Daycare can provide an environment that fits the behavioural needs of dogs, this includes both access to human company and suitable exercise and in our opinion this must include regular visits outside for fresh air and toileting.

Dogs and Divas, staff are fully trained in dog handling and canine first aid, all upper management are level 3 animal management qualified and all full time staff are qualified in canine first aid and most in dog behaviour and care. 

Mental stimulation, exercise, and engagement are the primary reasons many owners send their dogs to daycare. For dogs that struggle to be alone with destructive behaviours like barking or chewing, daycare can be a great option as you work on teaching your dog more appropriate skills.

Our daycare works well because of the structured day and the framework of the playgroups. 

Instead of just taking your dog to the park where dogs of unknown health and temperament are set loose.

Multi-award-winning doggy daycare centres with great indoor & outdoor areas covering Trafford Park, Stretford, Manchester, & Sale with 10 years of experience!

Our Services

Responsible daycares will be picky about what dogs are allowed to come to daycare. This ensures their safety and the safety of other dogs in the playgroups. To determine if dogs will be a good fit, we will ask owners to bring their dogs for a trial half day. The staff will watch how the dog interacts with people and other dogs to see how they fit in.

Doggy Daycare Trafford Council 5 Star rated

We think it’s always nice to meet the people who will be caring for your dog, so with that in mind, Dogs & Divas Doggy Daycare has put together some information about all of our team for you to get to know them better. For premium day care in Trafford and Sale, get in touch with any of our team members today.

Licence numbers: 070427 & 070430

Fantastic pet franchise opportunities

We work closely with all of our franchisees to provide you with the initial training you’ll need prior to trading, as well as continued support as your business grows and moves forward. You don’t have to have previous business experience to build a successful pet franchise, as Dogs and Divas will provide you with the systems and tools to get your franchise up and running and generating a healthy income.

Positive Feedback


We voted for Dogs and Divas because they are the most nurturing, loving, safeguarding, fun, caring and understanding team we could ever wish for our furbabies to go to. A home from home. Can’t beat that.

Kelly Vella


Have used Dogs and Divas for 11 years and have always received first class care for my dog Alfie. When dropping off he runs round to them without a second glance, which says how much he loves it.

Lesell Johnson


Exceptional care for the dogs, hard working and very friendly staff. It is like home from home for our dogs, and they want for absolutely nothing when they are with Dawn and her team.

Diane Sutcliffe


Our Mission

At ​Dogs and Divas Doggy Daycare Centre our mission is simple :To love and care for each and every animal just like we would want someone to take care of ours.

To make sure the dogs play safely we separate the dogs into three groups: Puppy, Small or low energy and Large or high energy, we also have an outdoor area for playing and fresh air and access to the canal and river side for walks. We even have a chill out room for puppy sleeps or older dogs to rest in.

We don’t just do a temperament test, your dog can have a half day assessment as not all dogs suit daycare and we want to make sure your dog will enjoy and benefit from attending our daycare.

As well toys for your teething pup we teach your puppy toilet training and basic manners, we write out puppy report cards and communicate your dogs training with you, we also do a uniquely designed enrichment program so we make sure every single dog is having the best day.

Behind The Scenes In Doggy Daycare

Please take a look at our company video to see the care and love we give to all the dogs we care for.  Also, you can meet some of our amazing team!