We are proud to own & stick by our tagline #dogs are family

Our Mission

At ​Dogs and Divas Doggy Daycare Centre our mission is simple :To love and care for each and every animal just like we would want someone to take care of ours.

To make sure the dogs play safely we separate the dogs into three groups: Puppy, Small or low energy and Large or high energy, we also have an outdoor area for playing and fresh air and access to the canal and river side for walks. We even have a chill out room for puppy sleeps or older dogs to rest in.

We don’t just do a temperament test, your dog can have a half day assessment as not all dogs suit daycare and we want to make sure your dog will enjoy and benefit from attending our daycare.

As well toys for your teething pup we teach your puppy toilet training and basic manners, we write out puppy report cards and communicate your dogs training with you, we also do a uniquely designed enrichment program so we make sure every single dog is having the best day.

All staff are canine first aid trained and all managers are qualified in dog behaviour.

In our extensive experience, we’ve found that puppies do well to meet both older dogs and other puppies as long as they are under expert dog handler supervision.

Of course, the percentages of time spent with each group is totally dependent on the individual dog and we always manage that carefully.

Daycare is a great environment for a developing puppy regardless of breed or size, as it carefully introduces new experiences to them in a controlled environment, helping them to quickly learn key socialisation techniques.

I’ve lost count of the amount of dogs that I’ve seen come to our daycares not having spent time with other dogs due to lockdown (or even before), who are now happy, confident, secure and well mannered.

It’s also extremely important to choose the right daycare and do your research. Make sure there is enough outdoor space for toilet training or natural scenting and enough staff… remember your dog will spend a good amount of time at daycare where they will eat, sleep, drink, play, make friends and learn manners so be very careful in choosing the right one.

For a half day trial at Dogs and Divas the cost is £15.00 however if your dog does not pass we will give a full refund.

We work so hard to make sure your dog is comfortable in their new environment, safely and slowly integrating them so they don’t feel overwhelmed and eventually they then know it’s safe and fun which is paramount, but it takes time to do it properly and with care.

Our moto is to care for each and every animal just as we would want someone to care for ours. As a result, we will always strive to keep all dogs in our care safe both physically and emotionally.

The motivation for Dawn and the team continues to be the health and emotional well-being of all the dogs in our care.

We have a structured day where dogs are given both mental and physical exercise as well as much needed nap times. Dogs are required to have basic training skills and must be happy to be handled by our staff.

We spend as much time outside as possible in the woods or on the soft Astro turf, dogs love natural smells, fresh air and sunshine.

During the trials as you know owners are required to leave the premises, but be available to collect your dog at any time.