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Grain Free High Meat Dog Food

The best place to take your dog

Dogs & Divas Doggy Daycare is an established provider of dog daycare with a centre located just near the Trafford Centre. We are fully insured with more than 9 years of experience in Doggy Daycare providing an excellent location and facilities if you need to leave your beloved dog in daycare. We’ll take great care of your dog, ensuring they get ample exercise and plenty of play and interaction with our fully trained staff. Catering for all breeds of dog, we provide every dog with an enrichment program to ensure they get the best out of their time with us. Prior to looking after your dog, we ask that they attend a half day session to assess their suitability and also so you have a chance to meet us so we can answer any questions you have. Why not get in touch with us today?

Why is protein so important for my dog?

Protein is needed to form new skin cells, grow hair, build muscle tissue, and more. It also assists in creating hormones and enzymes that are needed for functions within the body, provides energy and ensures the immune system stays strong.

Canine and feline bodies can’t store protein like they can with fat and other nutrients, so this means that it has to be supplied in their daily diet. Protein needs can vary, especially between different life stages, for example kittens and puppies require a high protein diet to meet their body’s demands during growth and development.

This means it is important that pet food has sufficient amounts of protein. However, a high percentage of protein doesn’t always mean that cats and dogs are getting better quality food as this can depend on how digestible the proteins within the recipe are.

A great choice of dog food

The best place to take your dog

Our dog food is available in many flavours including chicken, lamb, venison, Angus beef and chicken and sweet potato; just the flavours your dog will enjoy!

We also sell:

  • Dental treats
  • Poultry treats
  • Puppy chicken – ideal for young dogs

Why grain free?

The reason our dog food is grain free is because dogs struggle to digest grains in food, constant eating of grains can lead to many digestive disorders.

Natural & Proud

Dogs and Divas Top Quality Dog Food with free local delivery

Hello, my name is Dawn Marshall and I am the managing director of The Dogs and Divas Group based in Manchester. We have two day-care sites in Sale and Trafford 3 years ago we took the exciting step of developing our own brand of dog food. The food is grain-free and has a high meat content, making it a healthy superfood for dogs of all shapes and sizes. We’re extremely pleased with the feedback we have received so far from our existing customers and of course we get to see the difference in the dogs behaviour and health in daycare.

All delivery of stock would be done by our team in a safe and considered manner and full information about the product can be supplied in leaflet form. A wise man once said, “we are what we eat”. The same applies to any animal. With dogs, what they eat is down to us as owners, so if you’re looking to buy some healthy dog food from a trusted local source, Dogs & Divas Doggy Daycare can help.

Grain Free High Meat Dog Food
Dogs & Divas Doggy Daycare sells the Grain Free High Meat Dog Food, which is very healthy for dogs. You can either order directly by contacting us, or even if you are not one of our day care clients we can deliver it for free. We can deliver free of charge within a 5-mile radius of Dogs and Divas going up by £1 a mile if further than 5-miles.

Our food of freshly prepared meats is gently cooked at 90 degrees Celsius-194 Fahrenheit. This gentle cooking process protects the nutrients therefore allowing the pet to have optimal nutrient bioavailability. Gently cooking the food means nutrients, such as proteins, stay intact rather than them being denatured when subject to extremely high cooking temperatures. This means more proteins are readily available and can be easily digested resulting in less waste.
Brand New Dogs and Divas
Bella & Betty absolutely love it, so I hope your babies do to!

What are the benefits of Superfood?

Superfoods contain high levels of vital nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. We have included 65% total Beef, Salmon or Duck in each of our Superfood 65 recipes of which 35% is freshly prepared. Each recipe also includes a blend of five nutritiously beneficial superfoods each with various health benefits. All our ingredients are responsibly sourced from people and farms that we know and trust.

What Superfood blends are in our recipes?
Our Superfood recipes are rich in essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals to support everyday health and well- being. Each recipe has 65% high quality fresh Meat or Fish cooked gently using the Freshtrusion process.

What Superfood appear in your Duck recipe and what are their benefits?






A source of vitamin B3 essential for energy metabolism. Containing high levels of potassium, this is good for the heart and the circulation. Whilst also containing magnesium content that helps to strengthen the nervous and muscular system.

A source of dietary fibre to help normalise the gastrointestinal transit time. This superfood contains magnesium, sodium and potassium which are needed to coordinate different muscular, nervous system and neurological functions.

A great source of vitamin C that is known for its antioxidant properties which may help support the immune system.

A source of folate to help support cellular growth and maturation. Whilst also containing vitamin K which plays a role in heart health, bone density and dental health.

A source of vitamin B3, which is an important cofactor in carbohydrate, protein, and fat metabolism.

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“We were a little nervous before talking our puppy to Dawns, just because little Sprocket had never been away from us before. We really needn’t have been concerned at all; the entire team love and understand dogs, and she loves going. Heading down the lane to Dogs and Divas, her head goes up and her tail wags, and we know it’s all ok! I do want to say a word about their patience, too – staying overnight anywhere for our little furball is not great; she doesn’t settle and cries all night, even when she’s come away with us. They are fab though, and after a totally sleepless night is still having her stay over again, and is being incredibly helpful in getting her used to it. Can’t recommend highly enough”

Ross Wolfe